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Pandemix: Pathological Culture 7" flexi

Pandemix: Pathological Culture 7" flexi

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The third release on our new label FLEXIPUNK which will be putting out flexi discs of great new bands we and our ears on the ground uncover!

PANDEMIX hail from Boston, MA and "Patholgical Culture" was their amazing demo now put onto flexidisc!

Our take: Demo-on-a-flexi from this Boston band. We carried the original tape version, and what I said about it then still applies: “Demo cassette from this new band featuring members of Draize and Curmudgeon. This was pitched to me as a hybrid of hardcore and peace punk, and I think that's a very good description... it definitely has some of the slightly experimental vibes of peace punk, but it's also primarily loud, fast, and heavy like hardcore. In particular, the thing that Pandemix seem to take from peace punk is an emphasis on rhythm... the drums aren't particularly tribal or anything, but the drummer has a whole range of beats, constantly finding new and interesting patterns on the snare in particular. The guitars also have this kind of Subhumans-esque quality of being occasionally a bit wacky in the riffing, but also really catchy... it's a really interesting sound, and I can't think of another current band doing anything comparable, which is kind of amazing really. Highly recommended if you want to hear something a little different that still rages.”