Omegas: Power to Exist 12" (new)

Omegas: Power to Exist 12" (new)

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"Much anticipated answer to 2011's 'Blasts of Lunacy,' the Omegas leave off where they picked up, coming back to their personalized vision of the nooks and crannies of early NYHC and proto hardcore cum Darby Crash cum Nollywood prankster at ever more obtuse and challenging angles. The riffs implode and the changes are impossible to follow without a map that probably leads somewhere unpleasant. Even still, the confusion feels like a stroke of luck. The gift is not knowing what you're hearing yet but knowing you've wanted to hear it your whole life. Duck, dive, spit, slam, kill: Makes you go Boom Boom. Flash forward, the power to exist. FFO: getting stop and frisked by the NYPD and having them find a giant lollypop in your otherwise empty bag/wondering who killed Tony Frenchman"

-Jonah Falco, 2016

Each record comes in a full color jacket adorned with a collaborative painting by Spoiler and Hoagie along with a printed inner sleeve, safely secured in a lovely shrink wrap.

Our take: It's been a few years since we last heard from Montreal's Omegas, and my guess would be that they spent all of that intervening time doing a lot of drugs and trying to write the craziest, most manic and weirdest-sounding hardcore this side of Gauze's 4th LP. The changes on this record are just so bizarre that I wonder how the band keeps track of them... parts repeat odd numbers of times, riffs get cut off in the middle... it's almost as if the Omegas took what would have been a pretty killer straightforward hardcore record and deconstructed it bit by bit, chipping away at its edges in an effort to make every single part sound off-kilter and unexpected. As a whole, it's a real trip... it feels dangerous, like you're riding a broken-down carnival ride that could break apart at any second and take you and a bunch of people with it. Usually bands have to generate that sense of danger by setting off fireworks while they play or encouraging their audience to bring weapons to the gig or whatever, but Omegas generate that sense of wildness and unhinged-ness with just their musical chops. A really impressive record.