Oblivionation: Cult of Culture 7"

Man in Decline Records

$2.75 $5.50

After a well-received demo tape on Bleeding Edges, here's the debut vinyl from Boston's Oblivionation. They feature John Evicci from Out Cold on drums, and there's definitely more than a passing similarity to that band... there's a similar no-nonsense, jackhammer-HC approach and you definitely won't find anything cheesy like a rock solo or a melodic part here... just pure, straight up hardcore. That said, the production is a little heavier than the more Negative Approach-influenced Out Cold stuff, which makes this sound a little more full and modern. If you want straight up hardcore, though, you aren't going to do better than this... totally killer.

Tags: 10s 65804 fast hardcore recommended USHC yoobl