Nueva Fuerza: S/T 7" (new)

Discos Enfermos


The future of this city and to come , youth is the new force. From the mind of David and Xavi (also in Anarquia Vertical) comes NUEVA FUERZA project and here their debut 7″ with 10 songs in just 7 min scorching , urgent and fast sound. You will come to mind Boston 80s hardcore bands like DYS, but these kids are from Barcelona. Their sound takes the epicenter in terms of urgency and especially those violent midtempos that we love from Boston sound , mixed with short songs, direct and fast . Voices with some echo and quite violent and searing sound … a new look at the sound of yesterday but done today with probably the youngest band from the rotten “scene” of Barcelona. Recorded, mixed and mastered at La Cova with Dani Frutos. Cover by Sam Watterson: 300 Copy available with hand-closed folder, hand stamped and insert label.

Our take: Debut EP from this Spanish hardcore band and they manage to cram 10 raw blasts of hardcore onto this little 7". First off, I have to say this is absolutely killer... it's right up my alley, with short, sweet, and slightly sloppy hardcore songs delivered with a sense of spirit, wildness, and intensity. While the label's description references DYS, I can't say I really hear that aside from the way that some of the songs are very short and clipped, giving them an almost Wire-esque structure. Instead, this sounds to me a lot like early Wretched. Like Wretched, this is fast, wild, and has an intensity to the playing that so rarely comes across on record. A total beast of an EP... I could totally see this record coming to be revered in the same way as the Otan singles... it's that's good. Highly recommended.
Tags: 10s hardcore punk raw recommended spain yoobl