Nolls: Strange Attitude 12"

Lot Records


Debut LP from this underrated Finnish punk band who had a pretty killer earlier 7".

Our take: Debut 12" from this Finnish band whose earlier 7" we carried. Nolls are a weird band, mostly because they seem completely unaware of the rather rigid stylistic divisions that shape much of current underground music. Strange Attitude is split just about evenly between unsettling, nearly-ambient pieces that sound like the soundtrack to a John Carpenter movie and rock music of some ilk or another. Some of the songs are scrappy, kind-of-poppy-but-still-pretty-punk rock music that reminds me a bit of early Pavement or Sebadoh in its juggling of songcraft, intensity, sophistication, and immediacy. A couple of them are more straightforward, reminding me of like Static Age-era Misfits or something you might have pulled off a later volume of Killed by Death. It seems like nowadays the releases that are the most popular are the easiest to pigeonhole, and Nolls couldn't fit less comfortably in that world. After several listens I have no idea how I feel about it, but I keep coming back for more... I have a feeling that with time I'd come to really, really love this record, but it does require an investment. If you're willing to make that investment I very much encourage you to pick this up.
Tags: 10s finland post-punk punk scandinavia yoobl