No Time: You'll Get Yours 12"

Six Feet Under Records


Pittsburgh's NO TIME are back with a follow up full length to their debut 7" on SFU. YOU'LL GET YOURS features 11 new songs in the Oi/Hardcore vein done with perfection.

Our take: Debut 12" from this Pittsburgh (I think?) band featuring the same singer as Blood Pressure. With a sound shot through with equal amounts of early 80s USHC, classic British oi!, and a little smattering of rock and roll, I'd have a hard time believing that there aren't at least a handful of 86 Mentality records scattered across the band members' record collections, though No Time's scope is ultimately a bit wider and more straightforwardly oi! than 86 ever were... though in places the vocals are so similar that it's hard not to make the comparison. There have been a smattering of great modern oi! records in recent years from bands like Rixe, Crown Court, Vanity, and many others, and while all of those stick pretty close to the British (or in Rixe's case, French) oi! template, No Time sound distinctly American, which really means that they don't sound too much like anyone. I mean, you can hear elements of Negative Approach and Last Rites, but none of those bands ever attempted a track as straight up glam-y as "My Rules." As is the case with the Blood Pressure record, the production is gritty, heavy, and pretty much completely spot-on. I could see someone complaining that some of the more rocked-out riffs are a little cheesy, but if you like the aforementioned bands I think it's a good chance that this will be right up your alley as well.
Tags: 10s hardcore oi! recommended ushc