Nite School: S/T 7"

Turbine Piss Records


nite school. where to begin. well Firstly, i will say that i do not know if the band prefers the spelling NIGHT SCHOOL or NITE SCHOOL, and i also know that there are many other bands called night school, so for the sake of punk history text books, we will refer to them as NITE SCHOOL. we first heard of NITE SCHOOL when we went to record a smooth brain 7" at the 71st door (aka BLACK EYE...A big scary house on the east side that is no longer around but was cool when it was). kevin, drummer of smooth brain, (and also world famous member of NINE SHOCKS TERROR, PLEASURE LEFTISTS, and THE MORMONS) told us he and Steve (world famous member of NINE SHOCKS TERROR, PLEASURE LEFTISTS, HOMOSTUPIDS, FOLDED SHIRT, and THE MORMONS), were jamming some punk tunes with BRANDON from the nationally renowned punk group from bufalo BROWN SUGAR. PAUL MACCARONE (world famous recorder of all good cleveland bands of the past decade) would be the one to record it.

Our take: So, I'm not sure why this record is pressed in such a criminally small edition (100 copies only!), but the pressing size is certainly not proportional to the quality here. Apparently this project includes a bunch of new-school and old-school punk superstars from bands like Pleasure Leftists, 9 Shocks Terror, and Brown Sugar, but upon first listen what Nite School reminded me a lot of was the first Video LP. It has a similarly sophisticated approach to songwriting and the singer has a very similar bratty yet catchy punk style, but of course being from Cleveland Nite School are even nastier, looser, and rawer than Video were. Their music is also a lot more layered, with lots of really interesting interplay between the guitar and bass... of course you can pay attention to that, or you can just bang your fist along to the basic and catchy punk songs that these arrangements are built around. Definitely a sleeper hit, and it seems practically pre-determined to be one of those ultra-obscure, ultra-collectible Cleveland records that virtually no one knows about, but the devoted few laud as one of the best things ever.
Tags: 10s cleveland hardcore midwest punk recommended