Night Birds: Born to Die in Suburbia 12"

Grave Mistake Records


Man, a lot of ink has been spilled over Night Birds' second full-length already, and the vinyl is only now arriving? So I what do I think? Well, in short, I love it! The band have a few new tricks up their sleeve for this record, varying the tempo quite a bit more, laying down two absolutely killer instrumentals, and even a straight up menacing dirge. Up until The Other Side of Darkness it was more or less appropriate to call Night Birds "surf punk," but on Born to Die in Suburbia I think they've moved more toward a heavy, pop-inflected punk sound a la Naked Raygun without abandoning the surf elements completely. It's a really cool progression and I think allows the band a lot more room to grow and expand. Another excellent full-length, and I hope the band keeps them coming! Grave Mistake Records

Tags: 10s melodic pop-punk usa ushc yoobl