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New Vogue: Volume II 12"

New Vogue: Volume II 12"

Tags: · 20s · Canada · garage · hcpmf · melodic · post-punk
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NOTE: Records arrived with bumped corners and a few with small seam splits from international shipping.

Formed in 2018, New Vogue is the solo (sometimes duo, sometimes quatuor) project of Max from Sonic Avenues and Priors. NV is planning on becoming a full band once the world heals itself, whenever that is. Tours will follow. More material is currently being produced.

Casbah Records is proud to present New Vogue ’s newest release. Self-produced in Montreal in 2020, this 8-song collection contains a diverse set of tunes that captures an attempt at bouncing back and forth between structure and chaos; a non-linear racket of melodies and noises that serve their only purpose: escaping the gravitational pull of boredom and void.
The songs were recorded in Montreal in a basement studio called Sound Salvation; a place where plastic plants, colorful art and lighting bring some sort of life to an otherwise very depressing, blacked out concrete space. It’s a pretty humble studio but the walls can take a 60Hz shock wave or a 12kHz powerwash. Mostly analog, the recording station was purposely put together to give New Vogue its own sound and feel. And, as showcased on this 16-minute tape, it can definitely handle various textures and signal overloads.

Coming straight out of Sound Salvation Studio, here’s New Vogue’s Volume Deux . I hope you enjoy it.

Our take: Canada’s New Vogue caught my ear with their two cassette releases, and now the latest of those, Volume 2, has been pressed on vinyl. Here’s what we had to say about the cassette when it came out: “I flipped over New Vogue’s previous cassette when it came out back in 2018, and this follow-up reminds me why I love this band so much. New Vogue reminds me of bands like GG King, ISS, Predator, and Blood Visions-era Jay Reatard, all of whom bring to noisy punk a talent for writing dark pop songs. This self-titled tape (like their previous one), is just hit after hit. Take a track like “Safe on the Autobahn,” which starts with a brooding bass line and robotic-sounding verses, leads into a pre-chorus section that builds the tension and introduces a little melody, then—BAM!—explodes into an anthemic chorus. I can’t help but yell along, “I feel safe on the autobahn / I feel safe!” As I do this, my mind wanders to seeing Jay Reatard several times throughout 2007 and 2008 and doing the same thing along with “My Shadow” and “Nightmares.” And as I let the track play through, I’m reminded “Safe on the Autobahn” also has whole different middle eight and outro sections that are just as good as the other parts… and tracks like “Birdman” and “Reptile” are just as great. I can’t get over how awesome this tape is. Get this now, but someone needs to step up and give the world some New Vogue vinyl.”