Negative Rage: If You're a Punk I Don't Wanna Be One cassette



New cassette from this hardcore band out of Nova Scotia, Canada.

Our take: Latest cassette from this underrated Halifax, Canada hardcore band, and I am really digging this hard. With thirteen songs here it's basically a full-length release, and over these thirteen tracks Negative Rage cover a lot of ground, moving from straightforward, early Dischord-style hardcore to damaged art-punk to slightly more melodic songs that remind me of maybe early Naked Raygun (i.e. Basement Screams, not so much the big pop jams of the later records). The result is a very fractured feel that reminds me of great "outsider hardcore" records like Spike in Vain's Disease Is Relative or the Power of the Spoken Word LP. Genre-wise this is all over the place, but the sound is consistent and the playing is tight, making it clear that while they pay no heed to the trends of the worldwide hardcore scene that is by design, not by accident. Not many people will probably ever find out about this band, but it has a real "hidden treasure" kind of feel that makes me wonder if someone will "rediscover" this band 20 years down the line on whatever their version of the internet is and there will be a million big-city bands aping what they're trying to do.
Tags: 10s canada hardcore raw ushc