Nandas: S/T 7"
Nandas: S/T 7"

Nandas: S/T 7"

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Debut 7" from this New York band on Toxic State Records.

Our take: Toxic State has been relatively quiet as of late, but this latest release from Nandas is bound to scratch the itch for those of us who have been following the label closely for the past several years. Nandas definitely have a lot in common with other Toxic State bands: first and foremost great artwork, but also raw production and quirky arrangements that put the bass right up front and make it carry much of the weight of the songs. However, they also do a lot to distinguish themselves from the pack, most notably in the vocal department. While the vocals aren't melodic per se, they have this haunting, breathy quality that is really unique and powerful. It sounds like a ghost is whispering something threatening into your ear or something. It's very, very different from the standard punk modes of yelling, shouting, screaming, or even singing really, and along with that trademark Toxic State scratchy-sounding production makes this sound like the soundtrack to some weird psychedelic punk haunted house movie. While this is probably too quirky to rise to the popularity level of Hank Wood or Crazy Spirit, this is a more than worthy addition to the Toxic State catalog and well worth checking out if you follow that particular corner of the NYC punk scene.