Mutant Itch / Tom and Boot Boys: Split 7"

Dark Raids


"Long time Japanese pogo punk veterans Tom and Boot Boys contribute 2 tracks. The first being an all out hardcore assault while the second being a more traditional 1-2,1-2 bounce up and down number. Brilliant stuff. After 2 demos and a 3 way split tour tape Mutant Itch from Fresno, CA give us 2 tracks of their brand of noise punk insanity. Noisy noisy stuff but with a certain groove that also makes it super catchy!!!! Pretty cool lyrics to boot! Very cool outside(Nori/TABB) & inside(Gurpaul/Mutant Itch) artwork. Split release with Pogo 77 records Japan and Dark Raids Label & Distribution"
Tags: 10s japan oi! pogo punk