Mí_lltí_te: 2nd EP 7"

Heart First Records


2nd EP for Germany's Mí_lltí_te, which finds them moving to the excellent Heart First label. This band's first EP was an out-of-nowhere rager, recalling the mid-paced Deutschpunk of the 80s, but they've refined their sound somewhat on this EP, in my opinion for the better. This really reminds me a LOT of the first Amde Petersen's Arme EP... it has the same thin, melodic guitar sound, the same youthful aggression, and the same simple, direct catchiness. APA is one of my favorite modern HC EPs and I don't throw around that comparison lightly. Mí_lltí_te are definitely worthy... one of the catchiest and most memorable hardcore punk EPs I've heard lately. Highly recommended. Heart First Records

Tags: 10s Europe USHC