Mujercitos: S/T 7"

Not Normal Records


Fucked-up, gnarly hardcore punk from Mexico, that pays dues to the classic groups from the Motherland like Atoxxxico and Xenofobia, as well as Italian legends CCM and Wretched.

Our take: Debut 7" from this Mexican band. I didn't know much about them, but it looks like Yecal from Inservibles is in the band, which make sense because Mujercitos carry forward my absolute favorite thing about Inservibles, and that's their near-total blindness to intricate subgenre divisions that stifle so many modern punk and hardcore bands. Mujercitos, in other words, don't sound like they're trying to be anything in particular, neither trying to ape a specific band or a specific style. They're just trying to find the most accurate, most meaningful expression of what they're trying to get across. That idea of letting the content and the song guide the writing and arrangement process rather than boxing your band in and saying "WE ONLY USE THIS DRUMBEAT" is a rare thing these days, and as such Mujercitos sound incredibly fresh. In fact, where Inservibles had a bit of a 90s vibe about them that probably made them sound a little "uncool" or old-fashioned to some people, Mujercitos' presentation is on point, with the same sort of vibe as standout recent Mexican punk releases by bands like Tercer Mundo and Muerte. While this 7" is a bit on the expensive side thanks to high production costs and a short run, the adventurous hardcore listener will find that it's more than worth their time.
Tags: 10s bf16 hardcore mexico noisy punk raw recommended