Much Worse: Chronic Instigation 12"

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2nd LP by this excellent hardcore band from mpls, mn, uxa. Incredibly tight and technical without being nerd music, mean and tough as nails without being macho, all around a punk as fuck record. 12 brand new songs. Drawing from the best of U.S. and Japanese hardcore and the history of great music in general. 300 copies pressed on 150 gram colored vinyl, includes download code.

Our take: I remember way back when I wrote a description of Much Worse's first 7"... I'm pretty sure I said that they sounded like a mixture of Gauze and Jerry's Kids, which in term got them their lucrative deal with No Way Records. I think that's what they call being an "influencer." Anyway, nowadays No Way Records are but a faint memory, yet Much Worse keeps chugging along. Somewhere along the line Raleigh's own Ira Rogers (he of the great Stripmines LP) moved out to Minneapolis to play drums for them (sorry, internet), which changed their sound a little bit. Despite Ira being possibly the biggest Jerry's Kids fanatic I know, Much Worse's sound has gotten tighter and more focused, which I guess is to be expected in a band who must be pushing a decade of active playing at this point. They still have that Gauze-inspired predilection for a quick, tight, and unexpected tempo change, but Ira's drumming adds a heaviness and meanness that fans of Stripmines will instantly recognize. Solid, unpretentious hardcore like this is never going to catch flame in the hype oven, but this will hit the sweet spot for anyone who likes their hardcore tight, fast, and to the point.
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