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Mobs: Kill 'Em All 12"

Mobs: Kill 'Em All 12"

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Mobs was a band from Osaka, Japan. Excellent hardcore punk with slight elements of goth. This LP is a collection of both highly sought-after EPs plus a few demo tracks! Issued with a double-sided insert featuring original artwork. Diabolism was originally released as a cassette in 1983, and later re-released by Noise Room Records, Projection of Astral Body was originally released on 7” in 1985 by Noise Room Records. (Noise Room also released bands such as; GHOUL and ANTISEPTIC). Now’s yer chance to grab em on vinyl for the first time since the initial releases! Top-notch sound quality.

kuala lumpur,malaysia

180 copies

Our take: Compilation release from this 80s Japanese hardcore band, bringing together their first two 7”s with a handful of rare demo tracks. I don’t remember hearing anyone talking about Mobs ten years ago, but they’ve surged in popularity over the past few years thanks to YouTube and Discogs making it easier to hear them. Their first EP, Diabolism, is a solid slice of early Japanese hardcore. Like a lot of Japanese hardcore from this period, it’s indebted to Discharge (particularly the first track, “Dead People Having Sex”), but the murky production and uniquely Japanese vocal phrasing mean it sounds very different from the Discharge-inspired bands from, say, Sweden or Finland. The two demo tracks on the a-side are cool if you’re a fan of Diabolism, as they’re along the same lines, only with a rougher sound and more UK punk influence. While Diabolism is cool, for my money Mobs got a lot better with their second EP, Projection of Astral Body. With much-improved production and more complex and engaging songwriting, it finds Mobs establishing their own style. While it’s not as raging as something like Gauze or G.I.S.M., if you’re into the quirkier end of Japanese hardcore this EP is an essential listen.