Mülltüte: 2nd 12" (new)

Mülltüte: 2nd 12" (new)

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A Berlin punk duo MÜLLTÜTE is back in 2018 with another short album.

12 new songs in just under 20 minutes. the band is still using the old 1-2-1-2 formula as a stepping stone for other things. lyrically, everything is right on time. commenting on heavy and confusing times from the safe distance of a practice basement. 

for this recording, they got a few more friends in to broaden the sound a little. expect overdubs.Thank you LAURA, LIANNE, SOP, GEORGINA and GRM. 

The record is self-released by the band. One time pressing of 300 copies with hand-stamped covers and lyric sheet.   

Our take: Second 12” from this cryptic German band who has, since the early 2010s, self-released several records with similar covers, each of which features a background texture, an insect, and the band’s name hand-stamped in a different color. We’ve loved them all here at Sorry State, and this one is no different. In fact, it might be the best of the bunch, as it finds the band bringing in a few guest musicians and expanding their sound. Basically, Mülltüte work in two modes here. About half of the record is raging, stripped-down hardcore. They’ve always reminded me of Denmark’s Amdi Petersen’s Armé, and that remains the case here, so if you like that brand of meat and potatoes those tracks will hit their mark for you. The performances are tight and the production is clear and warm without sounding self-consciously retro. However, there’s another side of Mülltüte where they trade blistering fast hardcore for that sped-up garage-punk beat you know from the Carbonas and other Atlanta punk bands. While the cymbals are still pinging at record speed, this beat opens the sound up and allows room for more experimentation, which Mülltüte takes full advantage of here. Like Lost Sounds or Predator, there’s an ominous quality to these tracks, with a paranoid buzz enveloping the punk band at the core. Throw in a few wacky no wave-type rhythms here and there for some extra spice and you have a very distinctive sound. The record is short and jam-packed with ideas, so it’ll take a few listens for your ears to make sense of it, but I’m finding the process of untangling that knot to be very enjoyable.