Ministry: Greatest Fits 12" (new)

Ministry: Greatest Fits 12" (new)

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Ministry's Greatest Fits becomes Run Out Groove's eleventh reissue title. Considered one of the most iconic and influential bands on the industrial scene, Ministry helped set the blueprint on the sub-genre with their electronics, pile-driving rhythms, samples and tape-effects. This is the first time that Ministry's 2001 collection of classic Sire/Warner Bros. material will be available on the format. Includes tracks from gold and platinum albums, The Land of Rape and Honey, The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste, and Psalm 69: The Way to Succeed and the Way to Suck Eggs, as well as the 10:33 live version of "So What" and a cover of Black Sabbath's "Supernaut" by Al Jourgensen's side project, 1000 Homo DJs.

Now the killer compilation gets the deluxe ROG treatment pressed on numbered, colored 180g 2LP at Record Industry in the Netherlands and presented with a faithful, if slightly juiced-up, reproduction of the original art in a beautiful Stoughton gatefold tip-on sleeve.

Run Out Groove is a new vinyl only label that caters specifically to music fanatics, pressing titles made by music fans for music fans. Their goal is to uncover, customize, reconfigure and reissue the coolest vinyl titles from the most unique artists of the last five decades. They want the fan to be a part of the process by creating a communal and collaborative environment so they manufacture and release high quality vinyl titles based on fan choices and involve the consumer in the journey from initial concept to delivery of the final product. ROG records are made with the highest quality packaging for the discerning collector and dedicated fan and are all limited to a one time pressing.

• Individually numbered, colored 180g 2LP reissue from Run Out Groove
• Available on vinyl for the first time
• Pressed at Record Industry in the Netherlands 
• Stoughton gatefold tip-on sleeve