Mike Rep and the Quotas: Hellbender 1975-78 12" (new)

Hozac Records


A full primal serving of mostly previously unheard MIKE REP AND THE QUOTAS chaos, recorded between ’75 and ’78, that will no doubt cause future generations to marvel at just how one could be so brutally honest, raw, and wasted yet, live to chronicle it all. Describing the allure of the mid-70s Ohio sound to the uninitiated isn’t too difficult. Take the freaked-out post-13th Floor Elevators to Velvet Underground to Stooges to RFTT/Pere Ubu barbed wire bop and compound those influences with the dawn of home recording equipment access, a D.I.Y scene began to evolve . Just the right mixture of humidity, THC & malt liqour-fueled a primal pool ripe for spontaneous generation producing much fruit from apparant sterile soil as viewed from the overlook of big city coastal-dominated Hipsterism. Edition of 500 copies on black vinyl. Includes a download.
Tags: 70s 77&KBD proto-punk reissues