Midnite Snaxxx: Let Me Do What I Want 7"

Midnite Snaxxx: Let Me Do What I Want 7"

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They sure got some history, here's the namedropping.... LOUDMOUTHS, BITCHSCHOOL, LOLI & THE CHONES, BARBARY COASTERS, THE OGRES, BAD DADDIES, ... MIDNITE SNAXXX have records out on labels like GONER, RED LOUNGE, TOTAL PUNK, PELICAN POW WOW and before mentioned GOODBYE BOOZY...

The two songs on this classic big center whole single are just like we like it here at Bachelor Records HQ, simple, catchy and with a punkrock edge! Limited to 500 copies, housed in a risoprint sleeve (done by our friends at Burnbjoern), handcrafted bite mark, and a black inner sleeve... made with L-U-V.

Recorded at House of Faith in Oakland, CA, by Bart Thurber
Sleeve Design: Grace Ambrose, Photo: Dr.Fong.

Our take: Sorry State has been recommending that you buy Midnite Snaxxx records as long as the band has been putting them out, and this latest single won't break that streak. The a-side, “Let Me Do What I Want,” will scratch your itch for more Midnite Snaxxx material with its Ramones-inspired chord changes and memorable vocal melody. However, the b-side is the real gem here, taking the Snaxxx’s sound further into power-pop territory than they’ve been since their “A Guy Like That” single. With a more melodic chord progression, killer guitar leads that recall power-pop greats like Paul Collins or Elvis Costello, and an earworm chorus, “Faded Pictures” is a gem. I love the band’s more Ramones-based material, but since those songs comprise the biggest part of their catalog, it makes the more melodic moments like “Faded Pictures” stand out even more. Like most great singles it’s shorter than you want it to be, but Midnite Snaxxx are so great I’ll gladly chase down every second of music they release.