Midnight Parasite: demo cassette



Demo cassette from this punk / metal / stenchcore band from Norwich, UK... FFO of Paranoid.

Our take: Debut cassette from this ripping new metal-punk band out of Norwich, UK. Like Swedish favorites Paranoid, Midnight Parsite have a sound that seems to draw in equal parts from d-beat like Anti-Cimex and Disaster and from early/proto-black metal like Venom, early Sodom, and Hellhammer. They definitely have a very similar guitar sound to Hellhammer, but with more of a blown-out bass sound, more crusty-type vocals and faster, punker drumming. While the riffs might not be quite as memorable as Paranoid's, this is as worthy an entry into this new genre as I've heard... strongly recommended for all of you crusties out there.
Tags: 10s crust d-beat metal raw uk yoobl