Merda: Indio Cocalero 12"

SPHC Records

$2.00 $10.00

Latest LP from this long-running Brazilian band that plays an eclectic mix of styles. There's a lot of straight-up, ripping hardcore that kind of reminds me of Conquest for Death, or the non-blasty 625 Thrash bands, i.e. bands who sound like they have a very significant Heresy influence, but who are also tighter than Heresy ever were and have much better production. That isn't all there is to Merda's sound, though... there are poppy songs, kind of grungy, mid-paced songs, and songs that really just kind of come out of nowhere and don't have any real point of comparison. It's a wild ride and you'll probably hate it if you like your punk to stay in neatly-defined boxes, but if you're not so uptight this is a pretty fun and raging LP. SPHC Records

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