Mark Cone: Mark Cone Sings 7"

Nicey Music


While crawling around the country with his fanatical basement punk band UROCHROMES and the no-wave thrashers SEDIMENT CLUB over the last several years, Jackie McDermott somehow nurtured a bizarre alter-ego inside himself. This is Mark Cone, who showed up at Nicey Studio last winter with a miniature Casio keyboard and a meticulously programmed 8-bit drum machine. His first 6 songs echo the dissonant keyboard punk of The Screamers, with 12-tone compositions akin to the nonsensical home recordings of Harry Merry and outrageous vocal content from the camp of Fred Schneider. Averaging under 2 minutes apiece, these tracks pack maximum dynamics into a completely engrossing 7-inch experience, immortalized in wax for only 250 lucky customers.

Our take: Debut EP from this new solo project by Jackie from Urochromes and Sediment Club. If you've seen Urochromes live, imagine watching them without being able to hear them and focusing solely on Jackie, and Mark Cone is basically the music that you would expect to be coming out. If you haven't seen them, Jackie has this highly affected stage manner that sort of comes off like Neil Hamburger fronting a hardcore band. It makes seeing Urochromes a really interesting experience, but a weird one because their music, at its core, is pretty straightforward hardcore (albeit with a drum machine). However, Mark Cone's drum-and-synth attack seems for some reason to go way better with that style of vocal, which for some reason reminds me of dracula? As for the music, the synth is basically the exact same tone that the Screamers used, so that's an obvious reference point, but the drums are all programmed and quite a bit more mechanical, though the drum patterns are really dynamic and interesting. For all of the weirdness, this really is quite pop-oriented and really fun to listen to... so if you could imagine Fred Schneider fronting the Screamers and the thought of that sounds good to you then this one is highly recommended.
Tags: 10s hardcore punk recommended synth-punk