Mad Existence: S/T 7"

Vinyl Conflict Records

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Debut EP from Richmond young blood, MAD EXISTENCE. One of several vital hardcore bands currently keeping things moving in this otherwise slow southern town, M.E. bring you a familiar and classic sound that is both UK 82 and NY 88. These five tracks are eight minutes of relentless, powerful hardcore punk.

Our take: Latest release on the Vinyl Conflict label, the Richmond-focused label run by Bobby from Vinyl Conflict and Alex from Grave Mistake. One definitely shouldn't read "locally focused" as "of local interest only," because Vinyl Conflict have released some real ragers, most notably the debut release from Barge. Mad Existence are a worthy addition to the catalog, playing a heavy style of hardcore that's very much in line with late 80s NYHC classics. In particular, I get a real Sick of It All circa Blood Sweat and No Tears vibe from this recording... it walks a similar line between being fast and being heavy, and being chunk without being overtly metallic, and like those great early SOIA records is also totally under-the-radar catchy as well. Perhaps a little more on the modern side than the stuff I typically write about here, but well worth a listen if your tastes lean in that direction.
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