Lumpy and the Dumpers: Huff My Sack 12"

Lumpy Records


My first album, fuckers. Can't wait to hear what those cocks at vice, pitchfork and npr have to say about it.

Our take: Lumpy delivers his first proper 12" (the earlier one was a compilation of previously-released material), and if you were expecting his MO to change then you'll be sorely disappointed. Huff My Sack still has raw 4-track production, primitive cover artwork (this time as a cool-looking but somewhat sloppy 2-color screen print), juvenile lyrics and simple but catchy punk tunes. I feel like each new Lumpy record introduces a couple of new tricks that keep me interested, and this one is no different. There's no saxophone like there was on the great "Gnats in the Pisser," but in general the riffs seem a little more complex and the songs more dynamic and well thought-out. It definitely won't alienate any existing fans of the band, but the whole thing just feels a little more "mature" than their previous releases, if it's at all appropriate to use the word "mature" in the context of talking about this band. Also, I hate to be the guy who really likes the cover song, but they absolutely crush the song "Loony" by the old UK punk band Slime on here. While most Lumpy tracks are pretty straightforward, "Loony" finds the guitar and bass pushing against each other in a more interesting way, and the results kind of sound weirdly like early Nirvana. Even though it's a cover it's probably my favorite song on the record, and it's a direction that I hope the band explores in their own material in the future (and they do somewhat on the closing track, "Spider Bite," which is the other contender for my favorite track on the record). So, in summation, Lumpy pretty much nails it with this LP, and if you've been following what this band has doing you'll definitely want to make sure and pick this up before it vanishes like all of their other records.
Tags: 10s bf16 hardcore midwest punk raw recommended slime punk weird