Louder: Tear Me Up 7"

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On their third record, (and only the second that made it stateside) following their great LP available through Sorry State Records—Osaka, Japans' LOUDER kick out another great pair of catchy, punk rock tunes. Riff-heavy and loud, with catchy pop hooks that come fast and stay with you long after, Louder are clearly influenced by '70s punk and the wildness of the garage punk sound that came with the generation before them. These guys really have created a distinct sound for themselves at this point. "It sounds like Louder" should be a known descriptor at this point to those paying attention to the current Japanese underground. This is a must own for any fan of punk, rock n roll, or rock music in general. They've covered a lot of ground and have impressed in their short time together and show no signs of slowing down. It's about time to show them that we're paying attention over here.l Limited to 500 copies on mixed color vinyl, with handmade screen printed jackets.

Our take: After their killer debut LP on Sorry State, here's a follow-up single from Japan's Louder. Actually, these two tracks were recorded during the same session as the LP I put out, and the two tracks kind of represent the two extremes of the band's sound. The a-side is perhaps poppier than anything on the LP... just a great, straight-up classic punk song with a huge chorus worthy of being on the same label as Radioactivity. As for the b-side, it's a super short track that shows the band at their toughest and punkest... definitely an essential piece of the puzzle if you've been following the band, and necessary listening if you were into the LP. Oh, and this comes in two sleeve variations: black ink on white paper and black ink on army green paper... you'll get whichever one we feel like giving you, haha!
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