Los Monjo: La Vida Gue Todos Envidian 12" (new)

MMM Records


Finally, the debut LP from Mexico's Los Monjo! I've been a huge fan of this band ever since their stuff started trickling northward, and expectations were high. I have to say, after just a couple of listens I think I'll be spinning this even more than their singles discography that I've already played to death. It's just so anthemic, so catchy, and just exactly what I want it to be in every way. The production is perfectly raw and every song just pounds right into your skull. Needless to say, if you're into the old, Eskorbuto-inspired Spanish punk sound you can do no better than this record. Now if we could just get the US to reform our crappy immigration laws so that these guys could tour here...

Tags: 10s latin america melodic mexico punk recommended spanish-language