Lock: The Cycle 7"

Iron Lung Records


America's favorite new sensation, LOCK, hailing from Los Angeles, CA plays a muscular style of hardcore with ferocious intensity. If you heard the demo from last year and dug it, this ep will surely blow your head all the way off your body. Members of Cønditiøn, Doses and Fury. For fans of American punk music. 1st pressing is 800 copies on black and 200 on purple housed in a glued pocket sleeve with a lyrics insert and digital download card. Recorded by Mike Kriebel, mastered by Will Killingsworth with art by Kris Kirk.

Our take: Man, I really have to marvel at what Iron Lung Records has become. They are one of the few labels putting out records currently that I would describe as a great record label... a label with a real curatorial sense and whose releases you can ensure are imbued with a consistently high level of quality. I think about the label because I could imagine that if Lock were presented to me in a different context that I might dismiss them as derivative. I mean, they play tough, heavy, and tight hardcore and their name is Lock for christ's sake... don't tell me that there wasn't at least some danger of this coming off as one-dimensional. However, given that this is coming out on Iron Lung it prompts you to look a little bit deeper, to wonder, "what did the label that put out Total Control and Diät and Gag and Pig Heart Transplant see here?" And, unsurprisingly, there's a lot to appreciate. While I could imagine someone dismissing this as one-dimensional if they didn't listen to closely, I really appreciate the depth and the detail with which Lock's vision is articulated. Everything from the photography to the logo to the playing to the recording is just spot-on. While I'd say the basis of the sound is the standard New York and Boston influences that everyone is hip to (and there are moments when Lock sounds quite a lot like the Abused in particular), the slightly cleaner, more metallic recording and the emphasis on longer mosh breaks gives this that hint of 90s flavor that I also associate with Hoax and the Repos. So, while the influences are there on their sleeve, this also seems to come from a place that's a little deeper, a little more three dimensional and a little more educated. Highly recommended for fans of any of the bands mentioned above.
Tags: 10s bf16 hardcore recommended ushc