Leather Daddy: S/T 7"

Failure Recordings


Debut 7" from this much talked-about band from Boston (NOT the Richmond band who happen to have the same name). It's easy to see why this band is getting some hype because they have a really interesting sound. Musically it seems to be on the same page as raw, no-nonsense punk of the type that tends to come out of the Toxic State camp, but they don't use the Crazy Spirit Beat™ that so many recent bands have adopted. Still, it retains the interesting guitar and bass interplay of bands like Crazy Spirit and Dawn of Humans, perhaps sounding a hair more straightforward, and the screamed vocals definitely give them their own distinct vibe. Basically, if you're into stuff like Ivy, Crazy Spirit, S.H.I.T., or similar bands you'll want to hear Leather Daddy.

Tags: 10s female-fronted hardcore punk recommended