Kurrakí_: Hermanas de la Oscuridad 7"

Todo Destruido Records


After an excellent demo tape, here's the debut vinyl from Austin, TX's Kurrakí_. I loved that demo, but this EP is a big leap forward... they still sound an awful lot like Criaturas (with whom they share a member), but this EP distinguishes itself with lots of weird little touches in the songwriting and production. The basic foundation is still pretty raging punk, but there are all of these dark, spooky little breaks and changes that really makes this record sound incredibly unique and fresh. I just can't seem to get enough of the scene that this band comes from, and if you dig Criaturas, Vaaska, Deskonocidos, or newer Spanish bands like La Urss and Belgrado you definitely need to hear this... a real standout. Todo Destruido Records

Tags: 10s female-fronted goth-punk melodic spanish-language USA