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Kronstadt Uprising: The Unknown Revolution 7"

Kronstadt Uprising: The Unknown Revolution 7"

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"it's available the reissue of the  Kronstadt Uprising ‎first 7"" EP called ""The Unknown Revolution"". Originally released in 1983.


Kronstadt Uprising formed in Southend-On-Sea in 1981 and will be known to most people as active participants in the punk scene that spawned Crass, Flux Of Pink Indians, Poison Girls etc. They released two singles ‘The Unknown Revolution’ (1983 – Spiderleg) and ‘Part Of The Game’ (1985 – Dog Rock) and appeared on ‘Bullshit Detector Volume 2’ (1982 - Crass Records)."

Our take: Reissue of this UK band’s 1983 EP, which originally came out on the Spiderleg label. While the computer-generated type on the cover gives this the look of early 90s European crust, Kronstadt Uprising obviously took a lot of influence from Crass. The snare-heavy drumming, bubbly bass, and snarling, confrontational vocals are all on point, and you’ll love them if you’re the type of person who has listened to Stations of the Crass more than once in your life. The two tracks on the b-side add spice to the mix, with “Xenophobia” using a fast, Ultra Violent-style oompah beat while the closer “End of Part One” slows things down, injecting some Amebix-style gloom without straying too far from the core sound. This EP rips. Antitodo has more Kronstadt Uprising reissues coming, so watch out for those too.