Joint D≠: Strike Gently 12"

Sorry State Records


Originally known as Joint Damage but forced to change their name because of the threat of legal action, Joint DäŠæ is a new project from Nick Goode, who you know from his guitar work in NC's Logic Problem and Brain FäŠæ. While Nick's trademark vocal stylings and wall-of-treble guitar sound are familiar, Joint DäŠæ have a different sound than his other bands thanks to the muscular rhythm section, which is equally comfortable with a Wipers-style propulsive lurch as they are with Gauze-esque stop-on-a-dime changes. Guest vocals from Elise and Bobby from Brain FäŠæ make this essential for fans of that band, while the music itself makes it essential for anyone who can appreciate ambitious, atmospheric, and dynamic hardcore.

Tags: 10s garage north carolina USA USHC