Jävla: S/T 7"

Society Bleeds


Debut 7" from DC D beat band.

Our take: Debut EP from this DC band featuring a slew of familiar faces from the new wave of DCHC. While I feel like that current crop of bands is known primarily for their take on straight edge hardcore, Javla have more of a crusty punk sound that seems to be informed by the 2nd and 3rd Anti-Cimex 7"s, albeit with the occasional detour into a straight-edge-y breakdown. It kind of reminds me a bit of that Obliteration stuff from a few years back, in that it the core of the sound is crusty hardcore but the members' backgrounds and/or interest in straight edge hardcore can't help but peek through in the riffing and arrangements. I could easily see this being one of those bands that kind of falls between genres, but those who like to dip a toe in both of these genres may find this to be a pleasing amalgam
Tags: 10s d-beat hardcore punk