Jarada: S/T 12"

Jarada: S/T 12"

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Jarada is a four piece political hardcore punk band from Tel Aviv, Israel.

Jarada means anxiety in hebrew and this name perfectly captures the bleak sound the band is going for, in these thirteen tracks full of angry, chaotic and forceful hardcore sound!

As for the lyrics, the band was sick of boring, mostly apolitical music, sung in english lyrics, so they decided to remind the punks around the globe that punk is a political movement in every way and since the main source of frustration was the current situation in Israel there were no reasons to sing in another language except their own.

The band is heavily influenced by radical leftist and anarchist politics, political apathy in Israel and older Israeli bands such as DEIR YASSIN and NEKHEIi NAATZA. Also, if you like NEGATIVE APPROACH guitar hooks or some recent hardcore punk bands like REPOS or LOS CRUDOS, Jarada will be right up your alley!