Ivy: A Cat's Cause, No Dog's Problem 7"

Katorga Works Records


NYC's Ivy returns with their new 7", A Cat's Cause, No Dogs Problem. This new EP takes everything that was great about their debut 12" and condenses it into a four-track platter consisting of their strongest material to-date. Claustrophobic and judgmental hardcore punk that resembles little else these days. "I'll say it one time loud, forever Ivy proud."

Our take: Brand new, and as it turns out, final 7" from NYC's Ivy. I liked their previous 12", but I think this 7" shows an enormous progression. It's not as if anything has changed fundamentally, though... their songs are still built around quirky, falling-apart-type rhythms with washy layers of guitar over them, but something just works better here. It might be mostly down to improved production, which places the guitar right at the front of the mix and leaves more than enough room for the vocals (which are another of the band's strong points) to be heard clearly. While this is, on the surface, pretty straightforward punk, when you listen closely there's actually a whole lot of very interesting rhythmic interplay between the rhythm section, the guitars, and the vocals... it's a shame that they're breaking up as there's clearly a certain magic to how the members of Ivy play together, but at least we have this corker of an EP to remember them by.
Tags: 10s hardcore nyc punk recommended yoobl