Irreal: 2020 EP 7"
Irreal: 2020 EP 7"

Irreal: 2020 EP 7"

Tags: · 20s · hardcore · hcpmf · pogo punk · raw · recommended · Spain · spo-default · spo-disabled
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Barcelona's IRREAL return with a new 5 Track EP of more short sharp hardcore shocks. Recorded on a 23F, the anniversary of the frustrated coup d'état in Spain, the record was originally intended to be released for IRREAL’s European tour that just cancelled. The five bursts of savage hardcore on 2020 are influenced from MELLAKA, DISCHARGE and the more troglodyte end of NYHC and follow the path laid down by DESTINO FINAL. Wild and brute heavy riffing that is equal part hard hitting punk and mosh inducing mayhem that proposes the Total Dissolution of the System.

Our take: Oh man, what a ripper! We loved Irreal’s first 12” here at Sorry State, but this new 5-track EP might melt your turntable. The a-side is devoted to three short tracks with clipped, busy-sounding riffs. While a lot of bands who sound similar to Irreal let their riffs breathe and hang on a groove for a while, these three tracks sound anxious and compressed, reminding me early Riistetyt in how it take an early Discharge influence and applies it to the more tightly wound sound of US hardcore. The two tracks on the b-side breathe a little more, climaxing with the killer closer, “Inútil,” which adapts the main riff from Anti-Cimex’s “Pain” into a track that could cause serious mosh pit injuries. But then in the chorus the guitarist takes a total left turn with an airy, melodic guitar line that sounds right out of early Public Image, Ltd. or Magazine and it’s all over for me… I’m in love with this record. This record makes me so bummed out that shows aren’t happening right now because I would love to see Irreal live. Until then, I’ll be blasting this EP.