Hüstler: Hüstler EP cassette

Hüstler: Hüstler EP cassette

Tags: · 20s · death rock · hardcore · hcpmf · new york · punk · recommended
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New York’s Hüstler follows up their demo on Sorry State from earlier this year with a brand new, self-titled four-song EP. If you liked the mix of hardcore punk, death rock, and metal on the demo, you’ll love this new EP, since everything gets turned up several notches. The heavy parts are heavier, with “Interlewd” centered around a triumphantly chugging riff that could power a Warthog song. The shredding parts are more shredding; the instrumental intro even has a neoclassical flair that reminds me of Uli Jon Roth-era Scorpions. The production is noticeably amped up, and the songs are more tuneful, even anthemic. Do I hear some Nine Inch Nails influence on “Eat Your Heart Out?” It’s an eclectic mix, but the result is powerful, focused, and distinctive, an effect the EP’s brevity only intensifies. With this new release, Hüstler has solidified one of the most distinctive and exciting voices in contemporary hardcore punk.

The physical version is limited to 100 pro-duplicated cassettes with full-color J-cards.

Cover photo: Jane Pain : @jane_____pain
Recorded & Mastered by: Sasha Stroud of Artifact Audio NYC