Hunted Down: Life's Womb 7"

Video Disease Records

$1.00 $5.50

Debut 7" from this Syracuse band. I liked their demo tape but recall thinking that the raw recording did more harm than good for them, but the tracks on this 7" hit me in all the right spots. As the label's description notes, the tortured vocals definitive recall dark Japanese bands like Kuro or G-Zet, but the music is definitely denser and more straightforwardly HC than either of those bands. A lot of times this kind of full-bore noisy HC attack can blend into a big mass with no sense of differentiation, but something about the way that Hunted Down pull it off really works for me, pushing things relentlessly forward with a metronomic jackhammer beat that is almost hypnotic. I'm not sure how much of this is intentional, but I'm digging it pretty hard. Video Disease Records

Tags: 10s gb325 noisy USA USHC yoobl