Human Error: Die 12"

Hard Art Records


Vinyl release of this obscure Iowa City hardcore band's demo from 1985. You would think that, by this point, every 80s hardcore obscurity worth hearing would have been re-released by now, but this one is a total banger. By 1985 most of the great hardcore bands were either dead or had morphed into something more metallic or melodic, but this is totally straight up snotty, early 80s style stuff. The riffs are simple and straight forward and the vocalist totally sells it with a snotty, nasty delivery... it's not just a one-note thing, though, the songs have a lot of variation in tempo and tone that makes this really work as an LP. If you dig snotty 80s HC, particularly more obscure stuff like Mecht Mensch, the Catatonics, and stuff like that I would highly recommend checking this out. Great artwork too!

Tags: 10s hardcore midwest raw recommended reissues