Hellwitch: Compilation Of Death Series - First Possession: Hellwitch 12"
Hellwitch: Compilation Of Death Series - First Possession: Hellwitch 12"

Hellwitch: Compilation Of Death Series - First Possession: Hellwitch 12"

Tags: · 12" · 2017 · death metal · hcpmf · Iron Bonehead Records · metal · Mint (M) · Near Mint (NM or M-) · thrash
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10LP box set with booklet. All of the innner LPs are still sealed.

Tracklist: . Unreleased 1985, A1. Hello! (Intro), A2. Satan's Wrath, A3. Satan's Wrath, A4. Blasphemer, A5. A Lesson In Violence, B1. Black Magic, B2. Nosferatu, B3. Blasphemer, B4. Piranha, B5. Nosferatu (Edit), B6. Hellwitch, . Unreleased 1986 - 1987, C1. Fight Fire With Fire, C2. Torture Chamber, C3. Nosferatu, C4. Satan's Wrath, C5. Fate At Pain's End, D1. Infernal Death, D2. Infernal Death, D3. Necronomicon, D4. Visual Aggression, D5. Pyrophoric Seizure, D6. Purveyor Of Fear, . Early Demos, E1. Nosferatu, E2. Nosferatu, E3. Satan's Wrath, E4. Torture Chamber, E5. Fate At Pain's End, E6. Degeneration, F1. Nosferatu, F2. Purveyor Of Fear, F3. Pyrophoric Seizure, F4. Archangel, F5. Mordirivial Dissemination, F6. Viral Exogence, . Syzygial Miscrenacy, G1. The Ascent, G2. Nosferatu, G3. Viral Exogence, G4. Sentient Transmography, G5. Mordirivial Dissemination, H1. Pyrophoric Seizure, H2. Purveyor Of Fear, . Terraasymmetry, H3. Terraasymmetry, H4. Satan's Wrath, H5. Dawn Of Apostasy, . Live Pennsauken, NJ 8/2/90, I1. Fate At Pain's End, I2. Purveyor Of Fear, I3. Nosferatu, I4. Sentient Transmography, J1. Mordirivial Dissemination, J2. Pyrophoric Seizure, J3. Torture Chamber, J4. Viral Exogence, . Anthropophagi, K1. Days Of Nemesis, K2. At Rest, K3. Anthropophagi, K4. Torture Chamber, K5. Fate At Pain's End, . The Epitome Of Disgrace, L1. Opiatic Luminance, L2. Fiinal Approach, L3. Mythologicalies (Enlightened Paganus), L4. Epitome Of Disgrace, . Live Huntsville, AL 8/20/06, M1. Pyrophoric Seizure, M2. Viral Exogence, M3. Sweet Home Alabama / Final Approach, M4. Mysteria, M5. Satan's Wrath, N1. Anthropophagi, N2. Nosferatu, N3. Opiatic Luminance, N4. Irreverent Salvation, N5. Torture Chamber, . Omnipotent Convocation, O1. Vicious Avidity, O2. Sought To Beguile, O3. Opiatic Luminance, O4. Neolithic Journey, O5. Mysteria, O6. Mythologicalies (Enlightened Paganus), P1. Irreverent Salvation, P2. Final Approach, P3. Days Of Nemesis, P4. Epitome Of Disgrace, P5. Infernal Death, . Live Miami, FL 06/05/11, Q1. Pyrophoric Seizure, Q2. Viral Exogence, Q3. Opiatic Luminance, Q4. Purveyor Of Fear, R1. Sought To Beguile, R2. Nosferatu, R3. Vicious Avidity, R4. Neolithic Journey / Mysteria, R5. Torture Chamber, R6. Pat's Marriage Proposal, . Live Ft. Lauderdale, FL 2012+2013, S1. Nosferatu, S2. Viral Exogence, S3. Vicious Avidity, S4. Opiatic Luminance, S5. Dawn Of Apostasy, S6. Torture Chamber, T1. Pyrophoric Seizure, T2. Viral Exogence, T3. Nosferatu, T4. Purveyor Of Fear, T5. Torture Chamber

  • Label: Iron Bonehead Records
  • Format Type: 12"
  • Media Condition: Mint (M)
  • Sleeve Condition: Near Mint (NM or M-)
  • Genre: metal
  • Genre Style: death metal
  • Year: 2017