Heaven's Gate: S/T 12"
Heaven's Gate: S/T 12"

Heaven's Gate: S/T 12"

Tags: · 20s · crossover · hardcore · hcpmf · new york · richmond · thrash
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Emerging from the swamps of “the other Bay Area”, Tampa, Florida’s Heaven's Gate debut with their first release, a self titled 12" released via Beach Impediment Records. Heaven’s Gate consists of Tony Foresta (Municipal Waste) on vocals, Mike Goo (Warthog) on guitar, Jeff Howe (Reversal of Man) on bass, and Paul Mazurkiewicz (Cannibal Corpse) on drums. Consisting of five tracks that merge an amalgam of hardcore, punk and extreme metal's most aggressive elements, this initial offering from HEAVEN'S GATE showcases a range of colliding styles that are to be expected from these veterans of varied approaches to heavy music. Recorded across 2022 by Jeramie Kling and Taylor Nordberg, mixed by Will Killingsworth and mastered by Joel Grind, this one sided 12" with a marvelously etched b-side adorned with the band's logo is set to drop Friday February 24th, 2023. Each record comes in a full color jacket featuring the intricate artwork of Alexander Heir (Death Traitors, L.O.T.I.O.N.) and is available on limited translucent purple vinyl (out of 200 copies) and yellow vinyl (out of 300 copies) along with the standard black vinyl variant. Also available on CD in Japan from Break the Records!

Our take: Debut five-song EP from this new hardcore/metal supergroup out of Tampa, Florida. If Beach Impediment’s name wasn’t enough to pique your interest, perhaps the “members of” list will, which includes Warthog, Municipal Waste, Reversal of Man, and Cannibal Corpse. I got wind of Heaven’s Gate’s existence a couple years ago, when I heard these parties had been jamming together. The story I heard at the time was that Infest was the common point of reference that got these folks in a room together, and if you have that influence in mind you can hear it in the drummer’s slightly loose blasting style, the abrupt drops in and out of said blasting, and the sludgy “Into the Sinkhole.” As you might expect from such seasoned musicians, though, it’s not “Infest worship” by any means… there’s a lot more than that happening here. You can hear Mike from Warthog’s heavy and catchy riffing style in the mix, which rules because we are massive Warthog fans here at Sorry State. Hopefully this EP isn’t the last we hear of Heaven’s Gate, because this rips.