Government Issue: S/T 12"



Reissue of Government Issue's 5th album. Originally released in 1986, this is my personal favorite in the band's lengthy catalog. By now GI had totally left behind their hardcore roots, going for more of a mid-period Naked Raygun / H’_sker D’_-type melodic punk sound. The guitar sound here is huge, and everything is anchored by Stabb's trademark baritone vocals. No, it isn't Boycott Stabb, but when I want to put on GI this is usually the album I reach for. If you're into heavy, melodic pop like the Buzzcocks or Naked Raygun you need to hear this right away... a phenomenal record. Includes four bonus tracks not on the original release. Dr. Strange Records

Tags: 80s melodic reissues USA yoobl