Government Flu: Tension 12" (red vinyl)

Refuse Records


Debut LP from this Polish hardcore band who have had a number of EP releases over the past few years. When these guys started I feel like they were very much in the No Way Records school of early 80s retro USHC, but they've progressed a lot since then... this LP has a lot more varied influences. The base is still early 80s USHC, but they aren't afraid of a mid-paced (dare I say it?) breakdown part, and the guitar tone is really interesting, with very little treble. At points it kind of reminds me of a more straightforward version of Hoax (but with snotty, higher-pitched vocals), or maybe even something more straight edge-sounding like the Flex. Regardless, this is definitely the band's strongest work yet and definitely recommended for 80s HC head.

Note: While supplies last, we have the US tour version, which is on red vinyl and has what looks like a screen printed jacket.

Tags: 10s bfsale europe hardcore recommended ushc