Goms: Chain Reaction 7"

Slow Death Records


Debut vinyl from this tough, bruising hardcore band out of western Canada.

Our take: 6-song EP from this band from the west coast of Canada, and I have to say it's completely infectious. I was writing on my blog the other day about how eager I was to communicate in my early days of doing a label and playing in bands, and this EP feels like it has the same kind of spark I had back then. It really feels like the band put their all into the recording (which is really well-done and powerful), and the packaging is excellent, with a ton of attention to detail... hand-stamped labels, lots of layout elements, and several different inserts. I remember when it seemed like every 7" I bought was packed with stuff like this... it felt like each new one was a message from another (better) planet. Maybe it's the fact that I'm 36 years old or maybe some things really have changed, but I rarely see this much enthusiasm present in a record these days. Musically, this is just kind of your basic, gruff, modern-but-informed-by-the-classics hardcore. I'm struggling to find anything to point out that really distinguishes it musically, but holding this EP in my hands and spinning the record, there's an urge to exist and to communicate that you can't help but pick up on.
Tags: 10s canada hardcore recommended ushc