Glitter: Joy of a Toy 7" (new)

Lumpy Records


Our take: So, the first song I heard from this 7" when I checked it out online was "Sewer Rat," and man... I was totally blown away. That is what I call a HOT TRACK. It's this wild, explosive punk song with a bizarre, howling, slightly off-key vocal melody that I couldn't get out of my head for days. I seriously walked around for like two days humming "sewer rAAAAAAAAAAAAAT" in my head over and over. If nothing else, this 7" is worth it for that track, and is a total banger worthy of being a single a-side or being comped on some Killed by Death of the 10s or something. I wish all of the rest of the tracks were in this vein, and while they're good they don't quite reach those heights again. The three tracks on side A are solid USHC-style tunes with decent riffs and some interesting dynamics, and then the other, non-"Sewer Rat" track on side B is a cool, mid-paced noise rock track with an unexpected psych-y surf lead. A solid showing, but man... SEWER RAT!
Tags: 10s canada gb325 hardcore punk recommended weird