GISM: Anarchy Violence 7"

euro import


Five of the best tracks from possibly the most infamous and extreme of all Japanese hardcore punk bands! Think crazed and violent live shows with intense visual imagery, the most chaotic, raw and distorted sounds, all shrouded in dark mystery. Including "Document One," "Death, Agonies and Screams," "(Tere Their) Syphillitic Vaginas to Pieces," "Anthem," "ABC Weapons," and "Endless Blockades for Pussyfooter," all from 1984, this particular collection was originally released 7 years later in 1991, in a hyper-limited edition of only 100 copies. This reissue comes with black & white sleeve art in typical GISM style, pressed in a limited edition of 375 copies.
Tags: 80s hardcore japan punk reissues