Gay Mayor: Don't Tread on Pete 7"

Gut Freak Records


Debut 7" from the Kings of Holyoke - shredding punk for shredding cheese featuring the hit singles "Burn Down Every Library" & "Genius" :)

Our take: Man, I love an 8-song 33RPM 7"... even better when it's 8 fully-realized hardcore punk songs and not a bunch of 8-second power violence farts on the a-side and one boring long track on the b-side. Anyway, Gay Mayor are from Western Mass, but it you had told me that they were from the greater Cleveland area I wouldn't have batted an eye. This is some straightforward yet slightly quirky hardcore punk with throat-shredding vocals. The vocals remind me a lot of 9 Shocks Terror, but the music is more like the Gordon Solie stuff, i.e. a little more early 80s-sounding. Like the best Cleveland bands, Gay Mayor give off the impression that they know the classics but they aren't trying to meticulously recreate them, they're just upholding the tradition of quality hardcore punk. There's nothing pretentious or over-reaching about this, but as far as meat and potatoes hardcore goes this a banger.
Tags: 10s hardcore punk raw recommended ushc yoobl