Gag: America's Greatest Hits 12"

Iron Lung Records

$10.50 $21.00

Destined to be the most famous of all the bands. At least in their vision of the future that is. We like them. You like them. Why not? Go big or fuck off. Trippy violence and snake charms drenched in delay and fuel this wild, ugly, mid-tempo hardcore punk vehicle. All the way across the salt. For 180 days. Crew up and get down with America’s greatest. 700 copies on black vinyl, 300 on something else, housed in a heavy duty sleeve adorned with Scott Young’s perfect artwork. Recorded by Nudity’s own Capt. Tripps in Olympia, WA.

Our take: Man, if nothing else you can always guarantee that a new Gag record is always going to look cool as shit. This band's artwork (which, in my humble opinion, reached an unmatchable peak with the cover of their This Punk Shit Is Cool But I Hope I Am Rob Zombie When I Am 28 12"), and this new 12" on Iron Lung is no exception... it also has a rad colorful juggalo-looking insert that's uncannily similar to the new Strutter 7" on Beach Impediment (maybe they're by the same artist?). Gag's artwork is so consistently rad that it would be in danger of eclipsing their actual music if they weren't one of the most explosive and smartest bands around. Their set that I saw at Chaos in Tejas in 2013 was completely epic, putting them up there with Framtid as one of the highlights of a festival lineup that almost seems impossible looking at it in retrospect. Anyway, it's rare to find a hardcore punk band that actually pushes boundaries... I mean, not just in terms of being heavier or more dissonant than everyone else, but in actually making music that's genuinely innovative and unexpected. Somehow Gag manage not only to do that, but also to gratify the base impulses that we all come to hardcore looking for as well... mosh parts you can think to! And saxophones! Saxophones! This is so up my alley I can't even figure out what else to say... just get it. Highest possible recommendation.
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