G-Gas: Generation Gas 12"

General Speech Records


Unreleased studio and live recordings from 1984 by this mysterious and chaotic hardcore band from Sapporo, Japan featuring members of L.S.D. and Tranquilizer finally sees the light of day. Official reissue by General Speech and Not Very Nice. Liner notes by Yasushi (Napalm)

Our take: Collection LP from this very obscure early Japanese punk band. You can forgive yourself for not having heard of them (god knows I hadn't!) because they only made one cassette, and that wasn't even commercially released! Apparently some of the members went on to be in LSD after the demise of G-Gas, and if you like the early 80s Japanese punk sound of bands like LSD and ADK labelmates like Kekeiji, Masturbation, and the like this will be right up your alley. While the sound here is very much of the early 80s, pre-hardcore/thrash era, G-Gas are surprisingly up-tempo, and must have been one of the fastest and snottiest bands on the scene at the time. So, on one side of this LP you get the aforementioned cassette release that really is a treasure... a very cool document of early Japanese hardcore... while the b-side has a decently-recorded live set. If you're a fan of the early 80s Japanese punk scene this is pretty much essential. You probably already know that the bands that came from that place and era were unfailingly unique and brimming with charisma, and G-Gas are no different.
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