Fugazi: First Demo 12"

Dischord Records


Dischord continues its series of extremely well-done archival releases, this time digging up Fugazi's very first demo tape. Fugazi is a band that I followed really closely in my youth (and a show on the Red Medicine tour was my second-ever punk show), but I was mostly into Repeater and after, never even really spending much time with their first EP, much less this demo material. As a lot of people have commented, this captures a very different version of the band than what they would evolve into. I've always found there to be a kind of virtuosic, almost Guitar Center-y quality to the later Fugazi stuff that keeps me from fully appreciating it in the context of most of the rawer music that I listen to nowadays, and that's really not present on this material at all. It's not as if the band isn't good already, it's just that on this material (and this recording in particular) they seem much more of their time, and you can certainly hear the connection to earlier bands like Embrace, Rites of Spring, and the like. It's really almost like a different band, and if for that reason only this is certainly worth hearing.

Tags: 80s post-punk punk reissues yoobl